Centre for Digital Media

"We are thrilled to be working with a CDM spin-off company and enabling context and place-appropriate information for our visitors."

- Richard Smith, Professor and Director, Master of Digital Media Program at the Centre for Digital Media



The Centre for Digital Media (CDM) is located at the Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver, BC and houses the Master of Digital Media (MDM) program. The MDM program is an internationally recognized, research informed, and industry relevant professional Master’s program. CDM is also home to industry studios and hosts a variety of industry and professional development events.


The CDM is continually visited by potential industry, internship, employment, project partners, guest speakers, potential mentors, and community supporters. They needed a way to supply all of these visitors with information about ongoing MDM projects and details about their distinguished faculty without interrupting teaching and collaboration between project groups.


neartuit’s flexible page layouts allowed for the creation of both detailed student project explanations and faculty profiles. By positioning iBeacons outside project rooms, classrooms, and office space, visitors touring the facility are able to glimpse into the environment of the CDM in action without disrupting the flow of the program.