We help build engagement with visitors by making it easy to tell the stories behind the people, places and things they're near.

Using advanced iBeacon technology (indoor “GPS”) and our cloud-based Content Management System, create and manage engaging content that pops up on the neartuit app on your visitor’s phone whenever they walk to an enabled display in your venue. Anonymously gather data about where they go and what kind of content they prefer to help you make informed decisions to improve layout and content.

With neartuit, you can help your visitors learn more about your exhibits with an engaging, personal experience that allows them to take their own path, at their own pace, on their own device.






Key Benefits

  • Just 3 simple steps to manage your content

  • Make quick edits live anytime, anywhere

  • See exactly what your visitors will see

  • No knowledge of programming required

  • Know your visitors with gathered analytics

  • Achieve all of this with total self-sufficiency

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