Let your 21st Century visitors experience engaging mobile content with new indoor “GPS” technology.

Your venue has a story to tell, and your visitors want to learn about it. Save time and financial resources while sharing all the knowledge you’ve proudly gathered to engage today’s visitors with the best personalized mobile experience.

Using advanced iBeacon technology (indoor “GPS”) and our cloud-based Content Management System, create and manage engaging content that pops up on the neartuit app on your visitor’s phone whenever they walk to an enabled display in your venue. Anonymously gather data about where they go and what kind of content they prefer to help you make informed decisions to improve layout and content.

With neartuit, you can help your visitors learn more about your exhibits with an engaging, personal experience that allows them to take their own path, at their own pace, on their own device.

How it Works

  1. Sign up for our Pilot program to start designing engaging experiences for your visitors today

  2. Get iBeacons shipped to you pre-configured and ready to go

  3. Create eye-catching content for your venue’s displays using neartuit’s cloud-based Content Management System

  4. Hide your iBeacons around your venue and attach the corresponding content created to each iBeacon

  5. Hit “Publish” and start gathering data on your visitors’ preferences and behaviours!


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We are proud to have worked with these clients:

The Technology: iBeacons

neartuit uses iBeacons to detect a visitor’s location. iBeacons are small transmitters that wirelessly broadcast their location. When an iBeacon is linked to a specific exhibit, neartuit automatically detects when a visitor, running the neartuit mobile app, is near to that exhibit and displays the related content. neartuit also supports alternative ways of detecting a visitor's location, which may be preferable depending on your institution's budget and the specifics of your exhibit layout. We can help you determine the best option for your venue!


Using the ibeacons you place throughout your venue, you not only provide additional interesting content for your visitors, but you also learn about your visitors in a way you’ve never imagined.

Which path do your visitors take? How long do they stay in front of a display? What kind of content do they prefer? Where do they come from? Get actual numbers to answer all these questions, refine your venue’s layout and content using the data, and show how successful your exhibit is!  

Key Benefits

  • Just 3 simple steps to manage your content
  • No knowledge of code or programming required
  • Make quick edits live anytime, anywhere
  • See exactly what your visitors will see
  • Know your visitors with gathered analytics
  • Achieve all of this with total self-sufficiency


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