Centre A

"The neartuit interface was intuitively setup and we started creating content right away. iBeacons were a great way to build an engaging campaign with Centre A, one that had participants asking about Bluetooth technology and wanting to learn more about how they could use it within their own communities."

- Candie Tanaka, Board Member, Centre A Gallery



Centre A is the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and is a gallery committed to the research, production, presentation and interpretation of contemporary Asian art.


Centre A’s annual art auction gala at CBC studio needed to be more than a just a de rigueur art auction and they were looking at possible ways for it to expand and to become an engaging experience for their guests. The team at Centre A worked together to source some new technology that would reflect the changing times in the art world.


neartuit provided an innovative solution to the usual problem of too much text interfering with the art experience. Guests were able to navigate and engage with the work to build their own exhibit path around the auction with what stimulated their interest the most. Auction details were presented on an individual’s smartphone so that they could familiarize themselves with the works before bidding.