Evolution of Gaming Exhibit

"neartuit was the perfect addition to the Evolution of Gaming exhibit! We were able to really enhance the visitor experience by providing much more context to our displays."

- Kimberly Voll, Professor of Game Design & Software Engineering at the Centre for Digital Media


The Evolution of Gaming exhibit celebrates the rich history of video games in an immersive, highly interactive tribute. This annual event tells the story of the evolution of video games, exploring the amazing developments that have evolved through gameplay, technology, graphics, interface, music, and even the player. It was presented at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, Canada in August, 2014. 


Curators needed to provide information on several levels that would appeal to both their highly immersed gamer-visitors and those that were just visiting out of curiosity. Also, as this was their first show, they wanted to understand which displays were most popular and how immersed the visitors were with each exhibit to provide guidance on what to include at the subsequent ones. 


With neartuit’s flexible page creation tool, multi-level pages were created that appealed to the general public and true gamers alike. neartuit’s analytics gathered visitor paths and the preferences to aid in decisions for the next show and also highlighted that one display seemed under-utilized. They quickly identified and corrected a problem of inadequate signage to ensure this expensive display was not missed.