How it Works

neartuit is designed with our users in mind, requiring just three simple steps to getting your wonderful content out to your visitors and being able to gather valuable data on their preferences and behaviours . 



Using the ibeacons you place throughout your venue, you not only provide additional interesting content for your visitors, but you also learn about your visitors in a way you’ve never imagined.

Which path do your visitors take? How long do they stay in front of a display? What kind of content do they prefer? Where do they come from? Get actual numbers to answer all these questions, refine your venue’s layout and content using the data, and show how successful your exhibit is!  

The Technology: iBeacons

neartuit uses iBeacons to detect a visitor’s location. iBeacons are small transmitters that wirelessly broadcast their location. When an iBeacon is linked to a specific exhibit, neartuit automatically detects when a visitor, running the neartuit mobile app, is near to that exhibit and displays the related content. neartuit also supports alternative ways of detecting a visitor's location, which may be preferable depending on your institution's budget and the specifics of your exhibit layout. We can help you determine the best option for your venue!